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The Heart and Soul Teachings of a Kenpo Master

Master Larry Tatum's new Book "The Heart and Soul Teachings of a Kenpo Master

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Be the first to wear your limited edition LTKKA Hall of Fame Awards and Tournament shirt this November in Ireland.

This year, we are proud to feature world famous Polish artist Mariusz Szmerdt's Japanese brush stroke paintings as our limited t-shirt designs. Mr. Szmerdt has been working closely with the Tatum family for the last eight months illustrating Grand Master Tatum's newest book, due out later this year. As you can see, his artwork is a true celebration of the collaboration between Mr. Szmerdt, GM Tatum and the love of the Kenpo. Check out his website for more information on artwork, custom paintings and museum exhibitions in Europe.

Mass Attack

Mass Attack T-Shirt
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Heart Of The Irish

Heart of The Irish T-Shirt
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Defending Higher Ground

Defending The Higher Ground T-Shirt
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Blue Line  

Larry Tatum's Headquarter School is now offering Kenpo Instruction Internships

Tatum InsigniaContact Grandmaster Larry Tatum or Brittany Tatum-Flores @

This is a chance for those who want to learn Kenpo, to learn the art while learning how to teach.

Internship includes:
  • Basic Fundamentals of Teaching- Intermediate/Advanced Teaching Methods
  • Mastership Teaching Courses Also Available

***All Advanced and Mastership Teaching Courses are taught by Grandmaster Tatum personally.***

Larry Tatum's Kenpo Karate Studios
47 W. Sierra Madre Blvd
Sierra Madre, CA 91024



Larry Tatum In El Negocio Feature Film
"El Negocio"
Starring: Larry Tatum & Tim Bulot
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Ron Mason 2012

Ron Mason 2012

Check out Ron Mason class of 2012!

Ron Mason 2012

Ron Mason 2012

LTKKA Belt Ranking Chart

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Standard LTKKA Tournament Medals

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Canadian rep for LTKKA Scott Southwell
owner and Senior Black Belt instructor at Southwell's Kenpo

Stage American Kenpo KarateDetails:

Stage American Kenpo Karate
Featuring: Larry Tatum

January 12, 2013

click image for more details
Stage American Kenpo Karate

  • Centre Sportif Frameries
  • Eugies - Belgium
  • Reservation and Payment Due before January 7, 2013

Learn more. . .

1st Annual "Great White North Winter Seminar
Featuring: Larry Tatum

February 22-23, 2013

click image for more details

  • Southwell's Kenpo Karate
  • London Ontario, Canada
  • Cost is $100 before February 15, 2013

Learn more. . .

Grand Master Larry Tatum Seminar
Featuring: Larry Tatum

April 19-20, 2013

click image for more details
Event Details:

  • Wyndham Garden Exton Valley Forge
  • Exton, PA
  • Cost is $75 for one day or $120 for both days

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Circular Compliance

Emii & Larry Tatum

Emii is a Kenpo student of Larry Tatum and devoted martial artist who continues her training despite her very busy schedule. She recently released her new single "Magic", with her music video reaching over 1 Million views in under a week, taking the #1 spot on YouTube for musicians, and #6 in Top Favorites for music that week. "Magic" was also added to many Top 40 radio stations, and Emii is gearing up to tour and release her full length album. She also takes time to support organizations such as To Write Love On Her Arms, which is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. She is also very enthusiastic about promoting the positive effects of martial arts training to people across the globe.

Follow Emii!

You Tube
And check out the Magic music video

We would like to say congratulations to Hans Hesselmann Senior Professor of the Arts, his work in the Netherlands has made him an Icon for Kenpo world.

Professor Hesselmann

These are some of LTKKA's members in New Zealand, and we are proud to have them in our family.

LTKKA New Zealand

Check out Ron Mason's New Zealand Kenpo School

Ron Mason New Zealand School

New DVD on sale now!

In this latest DVD Master Tatum takes you on a journey into the world of Kenpo through the Lines and Circles of the Universal Pattern.

Many of the Concepts in this DVD have been talked about but until now not shown.

Master Tatum's unique method of teaching will increase your over all ability as a teacher and student of the Art. Lines and Circles of kenpo demonstrate the their dynamic's of Kenpo. This DVD show's why things happen in Kenpo when certain forces our aligned, as well as some of the most explosive power that Master Tatum has filmed.

Go to our Product page to place your order. This DVD is 35.00.

New Larry Tatum Kenpo DVD

The sincerity and maturity of Master Tatum is what is needed to motivate others to want to "walk" in their own journey. In his video Master Tatum had delighted us with his particular way of doing and teaching Kenpo, which will help many lovers and practitioners of this art to improve their forms.

This hand drawn pencil work was created by Kirstine Ragnhild . This was presented to Master Tatum on his last trip to Denmark at the conculsion of his seminar. Kirstine is a professional artist available for illustration work. Contact her at

Engineer of Motion DVD
With More than 40 years dedicated to the practice of martial arts, Master Tatum is one of the major forces in American Kenpo. 

"Engineer of Motion IV", his latest DVD taps into his extensive knowledge of the arts.  This professional production is top of the line and you wont want to miss a second of the action on this DVD.  This is a definate "must have" in your Kenpo DVD library, order today!

To order online simply go to the products page or call 626 796-4029.

Form 7 (two volumes)
  Master Tatum teaches the form in the first volume and techniques and applications in the second.
   The Mastery in Which Master Tatum moves the Sticks will inspire you to master them as well. Step by Step instruction. Tatum takes you on a Journey into the world of Stick Fighting with Kenpo Concepts and Principles. This is a must for all belt levels, and no matter what style you practice you will be able to glean new information that will transform your fighting skills with the Sticks.

Nunchuka's with Master Tatum
   For the first time Master Tatum has given out his insights on fighting with the Nunchuka. It is all inspiration to see what can truly be done with the weapon while using Kenpo's Concepts and Principles. The Speed alone will transfix you to the screen as you watch Master Tatum show you the quickness methods to master this weapon. You will learn how to integrate your hands and feet (all your natural weapons) with the Nunchuka. This is some of Master Tatum's finest work.

These three new tapes are $35.00 Each (VHS) or $39 each (DVD). Call 626-796-4029 to place your order today.

Confidence: A Child's First WeaponAt Last the confidence book is now available... for those that teach Kenpo and other styles this book is a must for the serious teacher of children and young adults..
   "Confidence a Child's first Weapon " gives a history of Kenpo to modern times and how it has come to be the American Martial Art, with a Preface written by Mr. Parker this book gives insight into how  anyone can understand the nature of Confidence and how it is an outgrowth of Kenpo training. Fully illustrated with techniques that a young student can learn and easy to read this book will surly become a companion to the young and older student.
626-796-4029 to have your copy rushed to you for only
$16.95 ,please add $5.00 for shipping and tax for California residents. Please specify if you would like Mr. Tatum to sign a copy for you.

Kids At Risk
  Wear this patch on your Gi with pride when you donate to the Kids At Risk program, for details click here.  Your donation is Tax Deductible and a great way to help out a kid at risk.

Site Preview
  • For those of you who love the tip of the week but want more, This is for you!
  • For those of you who want to stay ahead of your competitors, This is for you!
  • For those of you who would like to be featured in a live video feed at Master Tatum's Pasadena school - this is for you.
  • For those of you who want explosive, exclusive video footage, answers to your Kenpo questions, and for those of you who seek to expand your Kenpo horizons and experience the art of Kenpo beyond your imagination, this is for you!!!

  • L.T.K.K.A. Eastcoast International Karate Camp

    L.T.K.K.A. Eastcoast International Karate Camp

    November 14-15, 2014

    Get more details about this event

    NOW AVAILABLE! 8 Episodes of Black Belt Private Dojo Seminars on DVD!


    Private Dojo Seminars DVD These DVDs are the compilation of the infamous Headquarter School Wednesday Night Black Belt Classes, until now only viewable via membership to the Private Dojo on the website! Purchase by Episode or Buy the Whole Set!


    Custom Kenpo Pendants


    Larry Tatum Chile Seminar DVD


    The Two Man Set DVD

    8th Kenpo 4 Kids World Karate Championships,
    and K4K World Kenpo Karate Championships

    Pat Kennedy Grand Master

    Mr. Patrick S. Kennedy Awarded the Rank of 10th Degree Black Belt (Grand Master) 11/19/2010!

    Pat Kennedy 40 Years of Service

    Congratulations to Pat Kennedy for his 40 Years of Service to the Kenpo World and His Community

    Women in Martial Arts Network

    Brittany Tatum Interviewed By Kenpo Karate Australia

    Brittany Tatum is the eldest daughter of influential Martial Arts parents Larry and Jill Tatum. Although she became aware of her parent's impact on the Martial Arts world at a young age, it wasn't until much later that she came to fully appreciate her own true destiny.


    Private Dojo Testimonial!


    I remember you answering one of Annette's questions at the end of a seminar about what Annette and I call, "our Kenpo low". From what I remember, you said that we may have reached a plateau in our Kenpo and we would move on to the next level. Well, that is what the PD is helping me do. :-) Also, one particular line in Compressed Knowledge jumps out to me... "For some studying Kenpo starts shedding light on what they thought was reality but really was an "ideal phase" of their thinking. Selective reasoning." This is how Kenpo has changed my life but never knew how to put it into words.


    Battle of the Bands

    Sundowners, with band member Larry Tatum, won "Battle of the Bands" when he was 17 years old!

    Click here to see the full article!

    New DVD - "The Change"

    Change is a short film with Master Tatum fighting six attackers both with hands and a Staff. In this film Larry Tatum does a mass attack in real time without cut in's. The Speed is real so is the power.

    The price of the film is 15.95. This film is a must for the collector of Master Tatum's work. Filmed in 1991 in Panavision
    Click here for this and other Tatum products.

    In this New DVD for 08 Master Tatum has compiled the Yellow and Orange Belt Standardized Kenpo Free Style Techniques, B1a through KB1a.  

    In this DVD Master will take you step by step in the some of the most useful Sparing techniques in the System. What makes this DVD so valuable is that not only do you learn at first hand how to do the technique but why they are in place for the student to learn them.

    Master Tatum's unique method of teaching will give the Kenpoist new and exciting insight into how to make Kenpo's Sparing techniques work by understanding their dynamics.

    This DVD is a second of many new DVD'S that are coming out this year for 08. Lines and Circles was the first new DVD this year and this is the second in a continue series of Kenpo Sparing DVD'S.

    This DVD is 35.00

    Grand Master Larry Tatum - BKKU Seminar
    New on DVD this seminar was originally tapped in 1999 and features many techniques including:
    Thundering Hammers and Parting Wings and many other techniques within techniques. A must for your collection!

    World of Martial Arts Featuring GM Ed Parker and Larry Tatum
    A classic must-have DVD hosted by Al Garza interviewing GM Parker. Parker explains his Kenpo history, reflects on his life in Hawaii and the changes in his style and system.

    This DVD includes demonstrations with Larry Tatum.

    Click here to get your copy!

    Brand New!!!
    Four hours of Seminar's with Master Tatum.

    In this two DVD Set Mr. Tatum takes you into the depth of some of the more important Kenpo Extensions. Why Extensions have importance in the Art and how to make them accommodate the retaliation actions of your opponent after a Base Technique. You will learn about the Nature of a continued attack after your first response and how the patterns of upright technique's adapt to prone positions of your attacker.

    You can order these DVD'S in the Product section by clicking here or just call 626 796-4029 and place your order over the phone.

    New! - X-treme Kenpo DVD
    Larry Tatum, undoubtedly one of the best authorities on Kenpo Karate and backed up by more than 30 years of teaching, presents us with "Extreme Kenpo", a DVD to learn techniques with weapons, from the simplest to the more sophisticated, through the combination of circular and linear movements, superimposed circles and the insertion of additional techniques to reach more objectives on the body of the adversary. Call to order (626) 796-4029 or order online in our store
    Harnessing Your Chi and Meditational Stretch

    Finally!!! For everyone who has waited for Jill's special "Harnessing Your Chi and Meditational Stretch" DVD, it is now available in the product section for $35.00.

    Click here for more information
    Larry Tatum's American Kenpo Home Study Course.
    The Home Study Course is Designed to allow Kenpo enthusiast to be able to train in the privacy of their home.
    Because of logistics or time restraints, many people like yourself are unable to attend a Kenpo School. With this in mind Mr. Tatum designed the Home Study Course to meet your needs.
    For more information on the program, click here!
    Kenpo Flash Audio CD
    Practice your Kenpo lessons, yellow through 3rd black, with the new "Kenpo Flash Audio" CD and workout uninterrupted as techniques are called out to you by the world renowned Kenpo Grandmaster Larry Tatum. The new "Kenpo Flash Audio" CD is designed to increase technique recognition, reaction time and flow, while providing an excellent catalyst for advanced cardiovascular conditioning to increase both strength and endurance for all belt levels! The CD is timed at testing level to develop your reaction time to being real-life effective in and outside the Dojo! The new "KENPO FLASH AUDIO" CD can be enjoyed at home, on your way to and from work or on your way to your next Kenpo test, lesson, practice session or any time you feel like honing you skills! Let the "Kenpo Flash Audio" CD's take you to the next level of great Kenpo!
    To order call 626-796 4029 or order online in our store!  
    Larry Tatum's pictures  These amazing pictures (8x10") of Larry Tatum in action can be obtained for $22 each.
    Rare television demonstration and interview with Master Ed Parker and Larry Tatum in 1975. Never before Seen!!!

    Bad Boy Tournament.For pictures follow this link!

    The articles "Video Sensei" and "Knowledge at Your Fingertips" detail the advantages of learning and practiceing tecniques from video. CAN YOUR VCR TEACH YOU TECHNIQUES AS WELL AS LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS? Find out by reading the articles! Click here!

    Below is a video from one of LTKKA'S affiliated schools and we are very proud of the degree of excellence that Mr. Pantano has put forth into his students.
    I highly recommend that if you are looking for a school in the Pennsylvania area you look them up.
    Larry Tatum

    We are proud to welcome White Dragon Martial Arts to the LTKKA.
    If you are in the Coconut Grove aria of Fl. We suggest that you look into studying at this great Kenpo School.
    2460 South West 28th Lane 33133
    Phone 305-505-4919
    Contact Carol White or Nina Pena

    We would like to welcome Kevin Johnson's school, Art of Self Defense, LLC located at 16 E 33rd Place, Steger, IL 60475.
    Contact Master Johnson at 708-754-9200

    We would like to welcome Lodi American Kenpo Academy
    located at 835 E Turner Rd. Lodi, CA 95240 Suite B
    Master Darryl Liner is an 8th Degree Black Bet in American Kenpo Karate under Master Larry Tatum, he is also a minister of the Gospel and a PKA, NBL, CKL, GSKA, AMAPA, BASKA, National Champion.
    Contact Lodi American Kenpo Academy at 209-986-6710

    We would like to welcome Breakthru Kenpo Karate Studio located at 194 Bloor St. West 2nd floor Toronto, Ontario.
    Contact Master Bryan at 647-889-4003

    We would like to welcome Mr. Dale Franklin's Ourodoros Kenpo Karate Studio to the LTKKA!
    If you are in Nevada City I highly recommend his Kenpo school.
    212 Spring St. Nevada City, CA. 530-265-0246

    We would like to welcome Karate Nation Kenpo Academy., Headed up by John Kelleher and Jeff Hurbale.

    If you are in the Las Vegas Henderson area we suggest if you are looking for a great Kenpo School to stop by at 2548 Wigwam Parkway #D130.
    Number is 702-564-7469

    A great school for Kids and Adults

    We would like to welcome Prodigy Martial Arts to the LTKKA. If you are in the Los Altos area we highly recommend Raul Fabela's Kenpo School.
    His address is 4600 El Camino Real #l104, Los Altos CA. 94022
    Click here for more information
    We would like to welcome Zac Strickland and his students at Prodigy Martial Arts LLC. and new Charter Members in the LTKKA.
    If you are in Louisiana we recommend to look up Zac's school. His address is 621 South 3rd Street Leeveille, LA. 71446
    His school number is 337-378-7163

    We would like to welcome New Castle Kenpo to the LTKKA. They are headed
    up by Master Mike IIderton.
    "If you are in their area I highly recommend his school for training.
    ~Larry Tatum"

    We would like to welcome Brian Antrak's Bakersfield, CA Kenpo School into the LTKKA. Brian has years of teaching experience. If you are in his area and looking a great teacher we suggest you give him a call.

     We would like to welcome Eric Puckett and his students to the LTKKA.
    We are excited to have another new group part of our world wide association

    We would like to welcome Northland Kenpo Karate Self Defence from North of Auckland in New Zealand.

    The schools are headed up by 5th Degree Master Ron Mason. Mr. Mason has been dedicated to helping others develop their lives through his passion for teaching. He and his wife hold the highest standards of respect and honor within the Art and it is through this passion and love for their students that has made them a member of the LTKKA, We all welcome them aboard.

    LTKKA Welcomes Steve Baca and his Kenpo Evolution School!

    LTKKA Member Jose Ponce and his kenpo school

    Please check out our affilliate Texas Storm Kenpo!

    PKA Karate Academy, click here. Peterborough Kenpo Club,click here .
    New York Chapter,click here . Phil Flateau and his students, click here.
    Confidence in New Zealand, click here .
    The First & Only Larry Tatum Affiliated School in Northland View Their Website
    Images of the Fighting Irish, click here .
    Philadelphia Chapter, click here.

    Heavy Weight Gi's
    Now available, Embroidered Heavy Weight Gi's for the serious  kenpoist who wants to have a special Gi that will be something that will be worn through the ranks with pride. This is a hand  embroidered Gi rich with color and
    impact. It would make a great gift for someone  for an awards ceremony or Belt promotion. Please call 626-796-4029 for prices and size.
       Master Tatum also recommends "Zen in the Martial Arts" for everyone who wants to find an understanding of the Arts that often times is so obvious that we don't see it, so close to you that
    it stares you right in the face. You can order a copy for $6.50. Call 626-796-4029 for your copy.

    Master Tatum receives tokens of appreciation...

    This Sword was presented to Master Tatum in Madrid Spain last year by Asis Camacho and Adolfo Luelmo. It was presented to Mr. Tatum and his wife Jill in a Castle just outside of Madrid after a Seminar given by Mr. Tatum.
         Masters Asis and Adolfo continue to spread Kenpo through out Spain and represent Master Tatum. Both of these men are highly respected for their continued efforts to teach Kenpo. They have produced some of the best Kenpoist in Spain. 
    We are very proud to have them in our association.
    This beautiful Samurai sword was presented to Master Tatum by Walter Justice at the Bad Boy Tournament in Kansas City. Also Master Tatum promoted Walter Justice to  Sixth Degree Black belt at the Tournament.

    Master Larry Tatum on the cover of
    "Martial Arts" magazine!
    Get your autographed copies
    for $ 4 each..!
    New seminar video.
    Larry Tatum in Spain!
    Get your copy today for only $39.95

     - A Blast fFrom the Past !Read about the early years of Larry Tatum. Get his insights and how he evolved in the Art. Also, a rare article written by Master Ed Parker .

    Look for Master Tatum in Inside Kung Fu Magazine in the next  few weeks. Mr. Tatum has given a first time interview for Inside Kung Fu, some of the topics he talks about are Ki and how to develop it through Kenpo, also how he discovered the techniques that lead to his ability to create his speed, and  power and much more!! 

      Rare interview with Master Ed Parker (1975)
       As you view this rare tape (full half hour show) you will see Master Larry Tatum right  after he received his first degree black belt a bit younger and with  red hair.Grand Master Parker is wearing a 9th degree Black Belt and  gives a very candid interview about many things but as he turns the  interview into a lesson you will notice an edge in his voice as he gives an analogy regarding Kenpo and traditional Arts and the answer  he expects to his analogy. It is very telling about his passion  regarding his Art and the common answers to his questions that were  very typical at that time. 
       This tape was in the vault for almost 28 years only a hand full have  seen it. Now it is yours for $39.95. to order just call 626-796-4029.
    "The journey" has just been released ! Call early for a discounted price...!
       In this book Master Tatum and 24 other renown kenpoists reveal their incredible life Journeys through Kenpo, a 37 year trek.
       This book promises to be one of the most inspirational books of it kind since the "Art of War".
    Call Tatum Productions today for more information, at 626-796-4029.
    Get your copy of this realistic autographed portrait of Master Tatum (8x10) for $15. CallTatum productions at 626-796-4029 today!
    Breaking news!! The first two videos of the "Master Series" are ready for sale! The first video covers Form 8 (knives set); the second demonstrates knife techniques.
    For more details follow this link

    Click here!

    Check it out!! Great collection of pictures from past rank tests !!

    � Larry Tatum Productions 2006.